Removing the
black box from AI

Senslytics' AI platform empowers engineers and energy professionals to prevent costly failures that were previously unpredictable, reducing risks and improving maintenance budget efficiency.

Avoid costs related to unexpected failures and wasted preventative actions.

  • Become a more proactive decision maker
  • Optimize your maintenance budget

All while maintaining existing workflows

So, what makes our proprietary CausX AI different from every other AI solution?

  • Finds root cause
  • Provides reasoning for predictions – no more black box
  • Utilizes domain expert knowledge
  • Can work with limited data

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"This tool is going to be very valuable to the Field Engineers who are involved in Wireline Testing. It is also an important step forward in digitizing deep-sea operations."



"We recently gave Senslytics a Positive Lux Take due to its technical value and strong competitive positioning."



"Senslytics is one of the most promising Oil & Gas startups of the year."

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